Puppies in February 2020

About Us

We aren’t big breeders, we just have big hearts.

Pomeranian Adults

We are a Pomeranian breeder in the San Diego area. We ensure our dogs get plenty of love, exercise and sunshine. We are very hands on with the dogs and on any given day you will see us taking our “pack” to the ocean for a hiking and scavenging adventure! You’ll also find the children toting puppies around the house and teaching them about the toys they can and can’t play with.  


pomeranian for sale

We have 9 years breeding experience and work with amazing breeders in the industry to produce a rainbow of colors, each one unique and amazing. We have invested a lot of time in our Moms and Dads to ensure they are happy, healthy, and very social.  Our dogs don’t live in kennels; they live in our homes with our kids, cats, and all the noise and socialization they can handle. They get daily exercise and are kept clean and healthy.

Healthy Puppies

Tri coloered female pomeranian

We all know happy, healthy parents produce happy, healthy puppies. So, come on in and look around. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. Because three breeders have scaled down to one, we have the advantage of extra time, experience, support and love for our poms. We have amazing team work. If one of us has an emergency or something critical come up, the other is always available to help deliver puppies or care for our pack. This enables us to raise very social and well adjusted Pomeranians.