Puppies in February 2020



Orange Sable

Our Ruby is the baby of the group and loves her bones and toys. She loves all visitors and she never stops trying to jump. She will produce beautiful orange sables.


Cream Sable

Mia  is sweet and sassy. She keeps the other dogs in line when they misbehave. She loves her humans and aims to please. She produces cream sables and orange sables.


Black pomeranian

This happy little girl never stops moving . Her coat is as big as her expectations of fun!  She loves attention and toys and will work on the squeeker until it's removed!  She produces large coated parti's.


Orange Parti Pomeranian

Bindie is a absolute love and looks to please.  She begs and rolls over and will leap into your lap when you're least expecting it.  She produces all colors of parti's and every once in a while a tri;)


Blue Parti Pomeranian

The newest to our pack!  She comes from a full line of chocolates and blues and is a true blue parti!  Look for more pictures as she matures!


Divas Sweet Child O Mine (Axl)


Our Black Parti stud that lives up to his rock star legacy!  He produces great temperaments and beautiful coats in his little fluffy babies:)

Divas Alaskan Kenai (Kai)


Our little white stud muffin that taking over the place. He like to pertend he is in charge and tell everyone what to do.